Join our Webinar June 25th & enjoy a glass of whiskey with our team.

Data and AI governance is multi-faceted and complex, much like the flavor of fine whiskey. Enjoy a glass with our team while our experts show you how to support innovation and put risk on ice.



The pressure for executives to deliver data and AI solutions has never been higher. In tandem, the development and execution of a comprehensive data strategy has become increasingly vital and intricate. The consequences of neglecting to establish this foundation is no longer limited to erroneous internal business decisions or un-impactful access violations. In today’s landscape, modern data and AI platforms are integrated into revenue streams, impacting almost every client and business process.

Failing to engrain data quality, address biases, and comply with regulations may lead to legal repercussions, erode trust among consumers, employees, and stakeholders. Discuss what constitutes a holistic strategy, explore techniques for automating and integrating measures as well as approaches to strike the delicate balance of advancing data and AI capabilities while mitigating risks.

Join us virtually on June 25th 2-3pm EST to learn new techniques for balance in your programs over a whiskey.

For attendees interested in the whiskey tasting, please accept our virtual meeting invite prior to the webinar so our team can ship a complimentary bottle to your residence. Additional information will be sent to your inbox after registration is complete.

With this webinar, you will gain insight on:

  • Data and AI Governance
  • How to balance the high AI expectations with reality
  • How to deliver iterative ROI to your business on your data platform
  • How MLOps plays a key role in successful AI and Governance

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that if you registered after June 2nd, you will not be eligible to receive a complimentary bottle of whiskey to participate in the whiskey tasting. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the event.

Webinar Agenda

  • Welcome and Speaker Introductions
  • The Pace of AI and Data in Today’s World
  • Data Maturity and Governance
  • The Balancing Act
  • Whiskey Education and Tasting
  • Q&A – How to Balance Governance with the Pace of Data & AI


    Ashwin Balu

    Principal Manager, Data & AI

    Nathan Liston

    Director, Data & Analytics

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