CleanSlate Partnership with HCL

CleanSlate is proud to announce a new partnership with HCL, a global technology company!

As of July 1, 2019, HCL officially acquired research and development, marketing, delivery and support of IBM’s AppScan, BigFix, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience (Portal and Content Manager), Notes Domino and Unica products. “We are excited to see HCL step into the marketplace and invest in these products moving forward,” said John Loveys, President & CEO, CleanSlate, who recently attended an HCL Factory Tour event in MA. “We have over 200 customers in our stable that now use HCL software products and we intend to drive growth in those accounts, and support them as we have supported IBM customers since 2000,” said Loveys. “Notes Domino customers, as an example, are finally being rewarded with revamped architecture that will bring these products into today’s modern cloud oriented environments.” 

The CleanSlate consulting practice is also excited about the future of BigFix. HCL has shared plans with us for new innovation and growth to the BigFix portfolio, and this will have a significant impact on our investment in platform as a solution for the consulting clients. “We see a bright future providing solutions for Asset Management, Compliance, Lifecyle and Security with BigFix and the other HCL security offerings” says Chris Konow, VP of Consulting Services.

About HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a leading global technology company that helps global enterprises re-imagine and transform their businesses through digital technology transformation. HCL operates out of 44 countries and has consolidated revenues of US $8.6 billion, for the financial year ended 31st March, 2019.

CleanSlate Red Hat Partnership


CleanSlate Technology Group (CSTG, Inc.) is an IT partner who is always by your side. By working with Red Hat, the industry’s top enterprise Linux vendor, you have a partner in the planning, deployment, and maintenance of your infrastructure.

Among the many offerings from Red Hat, the leading product modernizing and optimizing the IT industry is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Organizations in the early stages of IT modernization currently running IBM Power Servers are creating Linux LPARs to migrate workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Many other organizations who are facing high licensing, maintenance and support costs are choosing to move off legacy UNIX systems to a modern, open source Linux infrastructure in order to adopt Red Hat solutions for application development, mobile, deployment, and cloud.

Migrating workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Linux – the enterprise-ready, open source operating system – improves productivity and efficiency across your enterprise IT systems and enables an agile IT infrastructure to address new business demands while significantly reducing operational costs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux maximizes the value of your existing infrastructure by introducing new technologies in an incremental, balanced way.

Please contact Jim Howell, Systems Architect for more information on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and other Red Hat products.

Midwest Dreamin’ 2019

“It is up to you how data will be collected and how it will be used. Decisions you make every day have that power.” Peter Coffee, Salesforce VP of Strategic Research. 


Midwest Dreamin’ always draws a great mix of users and partners from the Salesforce community. As developers, admins, marketers and other roles, Coffee reminded attendees that we have a lot of influence in the future of the constantly evolving technology industry. This concept was a guiding theme throughout the conference. Salesforce leaders from across the country shared their tips and tricks to navigating the complexities of an organization using Salesforce and its applications, which will help to drive a company and the industry forward.


As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, CleanSlate works with our clients to assess the overall health of their Salesforce org and provide meaningful feedback on how to best leverage the platform to meet their business needs. This includes Lightning Readiness, automating complex use cases with Flow, Community Branding and Advanced Customizations as well as Roadmaps and strategy including DevOps best practices. CleanSlate employees at the conference got to attend several sessions led by experts in their field that were user focused and informative on how to use emerging Salesforce tools to solve real business issues.

From Code to No Code: Rewriting Your Apex Code Into Flow

Rakesh Gupta explained the intricacies of replacing code with an all-clicks solution that admins can own. He demonstrated that “Lightning Flow and Lightning Process Builder can handle most automation use cases that once required Apex.” 

How to Design Your First AI Experiment with Einstein Prediction Builder

Steve Siler taught how the process of the scientific method can be applied to your first AI Experiment. The session demonstrated how to deliver great insights to executives and end users through creatively forming an AI hypothesis, identifying supporting data, and testing for the right controls.


Midwest Dreamin’ keynote speakers were not only inspiring, but were readily accessible for follow up conversations during the event. Kris Lande, Zayne Turner, Kristen Engelhardt, Peter Coffee and Sean Alpert from the Salesforce leadership team spoke powerful messages to the energized crowd. Kris Lande, Salesforce VP of Trailhead Marketing, emphasized that we are all marketers. We serve as advocates for our business, for our product or service and for ourselves. It is imperative that we work intentionally and passionately, because “when you are marketing something you are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like marketing.” Kristen Engelhardt

Salesforce VP of Customer and Market Insights, provided an empowering closing address to Midwest Dreamin’. Kristen emphasized, through her personal stories, how powerful intimate regional events like Midwest Dreamin’ are to the Salesforce community. Like the Platform, the Salesforce ecosystem creates multiple paths for us all to learn from each other, make mistakes, push our limits, and ultimately land our dream job. 

Thank you to Salesforce executives, event sponsors and session leaders for a memorable Midwest Dreamin’ 2019. Sean Alpert, Salesforce VP of Product Marketing, reminded us to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” We hold a lot of power, and have access to a lot of valuable resources that can be leveraged to be successful and to make strides in our industry.