Cloud First Web Apps in Azure

Creating cloud enabled applications has several distinct differences compared to traditional software solutions. Cloud native applications built leveraging Azure cloud services can look very different than the typical Microsoft stack.

In this introductory presentation, we will show you how to deliver web applications that are built from scratch with the cloud in mind, specifically meant for Azure. 

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Empowering Your World with Amazon Alexa

Voice driven computing is revolutionizing how we work, live and play in the digital world. People are interacting with applications in new ways, providing easier access to weather forecasts, home automation, and a variety of other applications.

Stephen Sailor, Senior Consultant at CleanSlate, recently spoke at a conference where he discusses Amazon Alexa and explores how we can use this awesome platform to build conversational smart bots both quickly and easily.

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IoT Easy as Pi

The Internet of Thing (IoT) is rapidly becoming more popular as services, such as home automation and health management, become mainstream solutions. The consumer market continues to grow as the development of these IoT solutions becomes “easy” to implement through use of Cloud solutions.

AWS IoT offers several different services to enable quick and easy delivery of products at scale. Join us to learn about Amazon’s 1-Click IoT platform that powers the Dash Button and then a full-blown implementation of a cellular connected weather station with a Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT.

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Improving Customer Experience with CloudFront

In the digital world, new product offerings demand increased forms of content to attract consumers. Delivering rich content can become costly and if not well managed can create a poor consumer experience.

In the below presentation, we take a bottom up approach as a new player in the global marketplace seeking to launch a highly responsive, cost effective website. We will explore enabling technologies with an emphasis on CloudFront and explain how each can help you deliver a content rich website.

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Event-Driven Security with AWS Security Services

Centralized cloud security and compliance combined with democratized incident response can ensure that the right information gets to the right teams, at the right time, so security events can be managed swiftly and appropriately.

We have put together a presentation to show how a flexible combination of security controls, automation, API integrations, IoT, and notification services can enhance your Security Operations team’s effectiveness and allow developers to also embrace and support response efforts.

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