You’ve embraced digital transformation, but nothing is working out as you hoped. The disparate pieces you added to your infrastructure are working great, just not working together.

Before you can innovate and take advantage of everything digital transformation offers, you need to connect all your data and applications. And you have to do this in a way that minimizes their exposure to business and security risks.

Your digital transformation and business success come down to your ability to integrate all your new applications – APIs, cloud apps, on-prem apps, etc. – so they can easily share the data that keeps your business running.

Unfortunately, traditional integration approaches are slow to implement, hard to scale, and require skill-intensive, complex technologies that may be beyond the scope of your in-house resources. There are a lot of niche providers who say they can help, but few if any can provide you with an agile and AI-powered solution that accelerates integration so you can transform on your terms.

Bring IT All Together 

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a comprehensive, hybrid integration platform that leverages AI-powered automation across the integration lifecycle to unlock business data silos and assets, connect cloud and on-perm apps, and protect in-flight data integrity with enterprise messaging.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, companies can speed their integration development by 300%, reduce their integration costs by more than 33%, and increase their overall operational efficiency. 

With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you can:

  • Easily build flows with pre-built templates and connectors and AI that automatically performs time-intensive, complex tasks
  • Create, secure, manage, and socialize APIs within a single, unified experience and improve their quality with automated testing
  • Become highly responsive to changes by replacing manual workflows with automatic actions that address customer needs in real-time
  • Improve data integrity by preventing outages and ensuring mission-critical data is delivered reliably only once and gain deeper insights without disrupting in-flight data or impacting app functionality
  • Utilize high-speed data migration transfers to, from, and between data centers and any major cloud, and deliver data of any size
  • Integrate across any cloud provider and deploy and scale with cloud-native architecture – all with end-to-end enterprise-grade security and encryption

CleanSlate’s Client-First Approach

Two facts about digital transformation:

1) Digital transformation isn’t just a one-and-done. It’s an ongoing process to improve your business systems and your ability to thrive in a marketplace that is always evolving

2) There is no one-size-fits-all approach

That’s why at CleanSlate, we take the time to understand your digital transformation goals and provide you with the best guidance tailored to your organization. Together, we can solve your challenges to ensure that you’re operating on a healthy, stable architecture that is properly configured and optimized to save you money and time. 

Find out how you can put our 22+ years of IBM experience to work for you. Reach out to us today and tell us about your digital transformation and integration needs.