When you hear the word “audit,” how does it make you feel?

Anxious? Agitated? Angry?

Who can blame you? An audit usually equates to the disruption of business as usual, unexpected fines if you fail to pass, and tension among your team.

As a platinum IBM partner, CleanSlate wants to help you avoid the discomfort of an IBM audit. That’s why we want to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the IBM License Metrix Tool (ILMT) to avoid audit angst and better manage your IBM software assets.

Archive Software Compliance & Be Ready for Anything

The IBM License Metric Tool helps you manage your IBM software licensing requirements by maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your IBM software assets, gathering information about your hardware, and ensuring the license compliance of your organization. You can also monitor your IBM products under full and sub-capacity licensing terms to understand their consumption and optimize your license costs.

ILMT is a critical tool for just about any company using IBM software in a complex environment and is your best resource to stay in front of the risks associated with an audit.

The use of the IBM License Metric Tool is recommended for full-capacity PVU environments and is mandatory for PVU sub-capacity licensing. IBM requires any customer with over 1,000 PVU or 1,000 employees to deploy and run ILMT reports on a quarterly basis and hold those reports for up to 2 years. In the event of an audit, the first thing IBM will ask for is the ILMT reports.

What if I Don’t Want to Use ILMT?

Honestly, we can’t think of a viable reason not to deploy ILMT…

1) It’s free.

2) IBM will fine you if you’re audited and they find they you don’t have ILMT deployed. This includes charging you the full list price and up to 2 years of maintenance for any software licensed at full capacity.

The only possible reason to not use ILMT, is that it’s just too complicated. It’s enterprise software and unless you’re familiar with IBM licensing, you’ll probably need some help and support. That’s what we’re here for.

The Only IBM Partner You’ll Ever Need

As IBM licensing experts, CleanSlate is here to help you at every step of your IBM License Metric Tool journey. With CleanSlate, you get the best of both worlds – expertise in navigating the complexities of IBM licensing coupled with deep experience in proper ILMT deployment and reporting.

Our ILMT Services Include:
    IBM Sub-Capacity Review ILMT Quickstart ILMT Managed Services
    Software Bundling & Reporting ILMT Healthcheck ILMT Performance Tuning
    IBM Software Optimization ILMT Implementation And More

    For more than 20 years, we’ve partnered with organizations to get the most possible out of contract negotiations, ensure license compliance, and protect them from costly audits. Our constant vigilance means you can focus on staying competitive, not staying on top of your IBM agreement.

    Learn more about our ILMT services or schedule your ILMT License Position Review today.