Let’s play a quick game of True or False.

1) Hackers only target large enterprises for big payouts.

2) All the talk about cybersecurity is just a bunch of fearmongering.

3) Hit once, and you’ll never have to worry about another attack.

We applaud your optimism if you answered true to any of those statements, but you’re only postponing the inevitable.

It’s an uncomfortable truth: as businesses, institutions, and governments continue to adapt to a fast-changing global market—including hybrid and cloud-based work environments—threat actors are becoming more adept at exploiting these shifts. You don’t have to take our word for it.  

Trust No One, Protect Everything

What would happen if you fell victim to a cyberattack? How could you afford it? With the high costs of breaches, 60% of organizations that have experienced a breach have passed that cost on to their customers through price increases. Are your customers loyal enough to pay for your mistake? 

IBM’s zero-trust approach to security enables you to guard against all the different vulnerabilities your organization may have—known and unknown—and prevents bad actors from taking advantage of them. With zero trust, all devices, users, and apps are assumed to be unauthorized until proven otherwise. By continuously verifying users looking for access, zero trust helps prevent ransomware attacks and reduces data exposure if there is a breach. 

In fact, organizations with a zero-trust strategy saved, on average nearly $1 million in breach costs compared to those without a zero-trust strategy in place.  

IBM takes protection even further with X-Force, IBM’s threat-centric team of cybersecurity responders, researchers, and analysts that help you detect advanced threats, quickly respond with accuracy, and recover from disruptions fast. 

Fun fact: IBM X-Force research has analyzed 20 billion web pages and built a database of 40 million spam attacks to help clients worldwide identify new threats. 

Whether you’re starting out on your security journey or looking to fill in gaps, IBM Security enterprise security products and services integrate with your existing solutions to reduce your overall threat vulnerability and increase your technology ROI.

Why We Trust IBM

  • Named a security leader in 13 key reports 
  • Manages and monitors 15B+ security events daily for 4K+ clients in 130+ countries 
  • Trusted by industries worldwide, including financial, health, and government 
  • Operates one of the world’s broadest security research, development, and delivery organizations 

A Partner for Your Peace of Mind

As a Platinum IBM partner with 22+ years of security experience, CleanSlate has helped a number of clients across industries protect their assets, employees, and reputations. From helping you make the best solution decisions utilizing POCs and demos to managing your technology lifecycle, CleanSlate is all in when it comes to strengthening your security posture and getting the most out of your technology investment 

See for yourself how CleanSlate helped one client reduce data breaches and audit time and increase security, visibility, and analytics.