March 8th is International Women’s Day. The mission of IWD for Women in Tech is to celebrate digital advancement and champion women forging innovation through technology. CleanSlate is celebrating by recognizing the women on our team all week long. Follow along each day to learn more about them, their roles, and why they believe celebrating IWD is important.


Name: Jan MeWhinney
City: Carmel, IN
Occupation: Sr. Recruiter
Tell us about yourself:

I have around 30 years of technical recruiting experience. Yes, I like recruiting! I have an amazing husband, 4 great kids, and our dog MAC. I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, bike riding, traveling, and reading. 

Who is your biggest influence?

My parents. Both are hardworking, driven and led by example. We didn’t have big discussions about being accountable, taking care of yourself or just getting things done.  It was just expected, and you did it. 

How would you define women’s empowerment?

I’d say it’s about giving women the power and control of their lives to become anything they want and to do what they want. We live in the greatest country in the world and have the freedom and opportunity to do anything.

What did you want to be growing up?

When I was really young, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant, “Stewardess”. After I threw up a few times during landing, I moved on to something else. 

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Learn how to play the guitar smile

What do you enjoy most about your role and working at CleanSlate?

CleanSlate is a great place to work, for me, because of the people. It’s a bunch of smart people that are really good at what they do and they are in an environment where they are empowered to get things done. About my role… Well, I like recruiting and I’m working with a great company. It’s a Win-Win!

Is it important to celebrate IWD?

Recognizing and spotlighting women that are contributing and doing well in their field of work is inspiring and motivating for women at all levels. Keep the positive messages flowing! 

Why do you think it is important for young girls to consider roles in STEM?

Young girls should consider all of their options, including STEM. Part-time jobs and internships are great ways to try out positions. Don’t settle.  Finding work that you enjoy and are passionate about turns a job into a hobby. 

What are the main challenges facing women in IT presently? How do we overcome them?

I’d say that IT is a great field to pursue because IT needs more women. And that is exactly what makes it a challenge. We will overcome this when more women pursue careers in IT.