Molly Hyslop

Enterprise Sales Executive

Molly is an experienced business development and sales executive with extensive experience in cloud consulting for AWS and Azure. She makes a positive impact in every interaction she has with her clients and CleanSlate’s partners. Molly’s positive spirit drives her to view situations with the “glass half full” and her competitiveness aids in her success on the sales team. Outside of work, Molly relaxes by going on walks, reading, and watching her favorite Netflix and Hulu shows.

Q: Can you give a brief background on your career history?
A: I started out my career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise at one of their call centers, as an Inside Sales representative. During my time there I was fortunate to experience many new opportunities supporting different regions, interacting with different business units and leadership while selling different products. From there my career evolved into sales enablement and business development. The last 5 years have been focused on business development; cultivating new relationships for business opportunities. Now at CSTG, I have the opportunity to not only cultivate but maintain those same relationships and continue to support my clients. I enjoy getting to support clients throughout the entire “sales cycle”.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like at CleanSlate?
A: My day general consists of the following: meetings with clients, meetings with new potential clients and reaching out to schedule meetings with potential new clients for CSTG, with a lot of follow-up with partners and clients in between.

Q: What do you like about working at CleanSlate?
A: I enjoy working with my team, they are great people and hard workers. Who doesn’t appreciate that?

Q: What gets you excited about your everyday work?
A: A new challenge everyday- there is also the opportunity to learn something new.

Q: What are you looking forward to at CleanSlate and in your career?
A: Looking forward to building more client relationships and bringing them value.

Q: What are some non work-related activities that you do in your day-to-day? (this probably looks a little bit different than it did pre-covid)?
A: I enjoy/need some type of physical activity; usually walks in the neighborhood during lunch or for an afternoon break. After work, I enjoy reading books and relaxing watching my favorite Netflix/Hulu shows.

Q: What are one or two long-term goals you have?
A: Goal is to continue to create awareness of who CSTG is, so far, I feel like I have been successful, but we all know sales is never over and your consistently starting over so that goal will continue.