“Speed is a choice”

Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS addressed the AWS partner community: System Integrators (SIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. The overarching theme that he kept coming back to was, speed.

AWS named its annual conference, re:Invent intentionally I think, because it is part of their culture to continuously improve – or re-invent pieces of their business. They encourage everyone in their culture to do so, but also to do it with speed. He said, “speed is a choice”. I have never heard it put that way, but if you think about it, he is right. You and your organization can choose to move fast. But that means you must focus on what can be done and shut out the distractions and noise. It also means that you must fight complexity. He said that complexity kills speed.

As a partner, our customers, and AWS customers, often look to us to help them with their own speed. AWS is a customer driven organization. They start with the customer’s needs and work backwards. Andy has said this multiple times during re:Invent. Many companies say they are customer first or focused, but the key is to do something with the customer requests. It means changing your business if you need to meet the customer need. And that’s how AWS operates. Andy said that he believes the single biggest opportunity ahead for us all is the continuation of Digital Transformations for businesses. My big take away from his conversation was that we all need to rethink what we are doing, consider re-inventing, and to keep moving.



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About the Author: John Harrison

John has been in IT consulting for the majority of his successful career. At CleanSlate, he actively works to help organizations with their Cloud, Salesforce, and/or IT Asset Management solutions. He is known for his excellent relationships with our clients, partners, and employees.