AWS partners can help your company modernize its business to make major transformations 

I recently attended the AWS Partner Keynote and was excited to hear directly from the AWS partners leadership team. To start, Doug Yeum, head of Global partner organization, kicked off the presentation where he focused on ISV’s and SAAS partners. With CleanSlate being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, his session didn’t align with our business model, but it was still good to hear him speak of how the ISV’s and SAAS organizations are helping drive cloud adoption. Doug did highlight that Consulting partners and ISV’s can now publish services on AWS Marketplace. CleanSlate has future plans to publish our services here and we are excited to do so.  

Next up was Sandy Carter, VP of AWS Partners. Personally, I was looking forward to hearing Sandy Carter, as I follow her on LinkedIn and find many of her posts insightful and fun to keep up with. Sandy started out with a quote from Hellen Keller, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This quote embodies what it means to establish a solid partnership and be able to use strengths of each other to do more for clients. As we head into 2021, keeping the “team” concepts at the forefront in all we do will only help us be more successful and a trusted AWS partner. Sandy highlighted a few partner programs, specifically MAP 2.0, and I was excited to hear her speak so highly of the program as CleanSlate is MAP 2.0 certified. One other program she highlight was the FedRAMP stamp and she encouraged those that have a Public Sector focus/competency to obtain this accreditation. I anticipate CleanSlate obtaining FedRAMP in 2021, so be on the lookout for that.  

Overall, the AWS Partner Keynote emphasized the importance of strong partnerships as the lifeblood for AWS. The AWS partner community is and will continue to be very competitive, but as it was mentioned, its important that each partner develop their expertise be because “customers seek out partners with deep expertise”. As CleanSlate continues to build upon our Advanced AWS partnership, our customers and future customers can expect that from us, a deep understanding and expertise in areas that will help them advance with their cloud practice. 


Founded in 2000, CleanSlate Technology Group is an Indianapolis-based IT consultancy providing dedicated consulting services for cloud, CRM, and IT asset management as well as software services for IBM and Red Hat

CleanSlate is a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner uniquely equipped to build new and modernize complex legacy applications.  We are a premier technology consultancy with expertise in cloud architecture, modern application development and DevOps.  We provide strategic planning and implementation services for cloud-native applications and infrastructure solutions.  Our experience delivering AWS cloud solutions enables us to maintain a strong portfolio of delighted clients, ranging from Fortune-level global enterprises to well-funded start-ups across all verticals, such as Delta Faucet, Herff Jones and KAR Auction Services.

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About the Author: Molly Hyslop

Molly is an experienced business development and sales executive with her most recent experience being in cloud consulting for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Molly’s positive spirit drives her to view situations with the “glass half full” and her competitiveness aids in building new relationships within the AWS ecosystem.