Are you tired of not getting the search results that you’re looking for? Are you scrolling through hundreds of records to find the one you want? With Einstein Search, you can find and do things faster with the search results. These results are tailored to the way YOU use Salesforce by learning the way you use your org.

Einstein Search consists of three features:

  • PersonalUsers get results that are directly tailored to their needs, no matter their role or department.
  • Natural – These results are obtained by simply asking questions in an everyday, commonsense way, not as a string of unconnected keywords.
  • ActionableThe results quickly and easily lead to the right action, without the need to dig through heaps of data.

Do you want to know the best part? There’s no additional cost for Einstein Search! It’s included with Lightning Experience within several Salesforce editions. Now, let’s break down how it works.

Personalization: Your search results are personalized to the salesforce user. Salesforce discovers attributes such as geography, ownership, industry, and activity to provide the information it believes is the most relevant to you. But don’t worry, it won’t remove other search results that not related to your personalized data.

Natural Language: Communicating with Robots can be annoying; we’ve all experienced that at least once. (Yes, I’m talking about you Siri). Einstein has made it easier for users to communicate in a more natural way. No more having to create list views to find results. You can simply type “My open opportunities in Indiana” in the search bar and your search results will display all of your open opportunities in Indiana. *Mic Drop*.

Other examples of natural language searches:

  • My Accounts in New York
  • Lost Opportunities last quarter
  • Leads created this month
  • Sydney’s contacts in Colorado

Actionable Results: Less clicking and more doing.. did I grab your attention now? You can create an action from a search like creating an opportunity from a contact or creating a new contact from an account. In addition, by hovering over a result, you can quickly view and click on information related to a record along with its associated lists. This saves you time and increases productivity. Who doesn’t like that?!

Now I know you can’t wait to turn this feature on in your org. Here are the simple steps to saving your users time and increasing their productivity.

  • Step One: Go to Setup
  • Step Two: In the Quick Find Box enter “Einstein Search” and select “Enable Einstein Search”
  • Step Three: Select all three Einstein Search Features check boxes
  • Step Four: Click Save

You are all set to search it like it’s hot!

About the Author: Vanessa Avila

About the Author: Vanessa Avila

Salesforce Sales Specialist

Vanessa Avila has been in the IT Industry for over 6 years and in the Salesforce Ecosystem for over 4 years. She has spoken at various places like French Touch Dreamin’ in Paris, the Salesforce Tower, and Dreamforce 2019. Vanessa’s “just do it” spirit and passion for her career is what motivates her to share her experiences and Salesforce expertise.