Are you tired of “hard-coding” owner id’s whether for a queue or a user inside of Process Builder and doing constant screen switching to find the correct id’s and making mistakes putting the id’s into your process? Look no further… New with Winter ’18 you can now lookup directly to users/queues!

When setting the Owner ID, just simply select the specific Type (Queue or User) and use the value to search for an existing value (User or Queue).

This new enhancement will be a HUGE help with making mistakes in setting incorrect id’s! There are a few things to watch out for this new feature.

  1. You cannot simply update any rows created before Winter ’18 in existing processes. To modify this, delete your current “Owner ID” field, add a new one and complete the steps above. This will allow you to see the new feature.
  2. When deploying these to a new environment, you will need to go into your process, edit the action lookup and re-save. If you don’t do this, you will get an “Invalid reference id” error when your process executes in the new environment. I have submitted a case to Salesforce to determine what is causing this issue and will provide an update when I get a response.

To see a full list of new features in Winter ’18 see the Winter ’18 Release Notes(//

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