We’ve previously introduced you to Salesforce’s Trailhead.  However…

if you haven’t read that post yet OR if you want a TL;DR then, Trailhead is a free training platform offered by Salesforce.  With Trailhead anyone is given the ability to learn, use, and extend the Salesforce platform through development environments of Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds.  The various training paths are separated into “Business User”, “Admin”, and “Developer” paths and are then subdivided by level (e.g., Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).  The Trailhead team has also “gamified” platform in that users earn points and badges based upon the number of trails, modules, projects, and superbadges that they complete.  (Humble brag time) My current badge count is 182 accounting for 119,475 points. Trailhead

Last Fall, Salesforce rolled-out the ability to define custom Trailhead learning paths called “Trailmixes”.  With these “Trailmixes”, you can create specific and targeted training paths for your users.  You want your users to learn a combination of Sales Cloud basics, Lightning Experience Basics, and Privacy/Data Protection concepts?  Easy!  Simply create a Trailmix that includes the “Salesforce User Basics” module, the “Learn to Work in Lightning Experience” trail, and the “Learn Privacy and Data Protection Law” trail.  Then, all your users would need to do is to log in to Trailhead and start the Trailmix.  This is a great way to prioritize the Salesforce learning that your users undertake.  As an example, here’s a Trailmix I created for new business users of Salesforce at CleanSlate.

Trailhead remains the best Salesforce training resource available.  And, it’s absolutely free!