Over the past few years, Salesforce…

has implemented a customer portal to give external users a branded experience with interactions to your Salesforce org and data. Since then, the releases have implemented new changes to the Community Cloud while Salesforce has also made this available to Lightning and Classic users. You may be asking yourself what is the Salesforce Customer Community and how is it beneficial to my practice? What started as a place to embed files and records in 2013 has now turned into a solution to extend collaboration, increase productivity, and builder better products within your CRM.

What is the Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce states that “A customer community allows users, partners, and company employees to share information, answer questions, post problems, and discuss ideas about product enhancements and best practices in real time.” Yet, this does not help explain why the customer community is beneficial to the end user. In an age where customer experience is becoming one of the largest driving forces in an individual’s or company’s purchasing decisions, the Community Cloud functionality truly is a breath of fresh air.

Why the Community Cloud?

Customer experience can be driven in many ways. One of the most impactful way to drive this is by making yourself accessible to customers. As a company, you do not want to make it difficult for a potential customer to find you. With the Salesforce Community Cloud, you can post pertinent community chats, recommended articles and answers across multiple channels. This includes but is not limited to leveraging search engines and social media platforms.

Along with making your company more accessible to customers another great way to reach your customers is by going mobile. As we move into a more mobile age it is important to make sure that your community is accessible through mobile interfaces. This will give you the potential to generate more prospects and potential customers.

While customer accessibility is important your company should focus on generating quality content. The better the quality, the likelier you are to get higher customer traffic. When you first create the communit, you should monitor participation. Salesforce suggests three different metrics to help build your community:
• “Identify the people in your community who are most vocal, knowledgeable and helpful.”
• “Reach out with questions to encourage engagement between customers.”
• “Treat your champions to perks.”

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