Each year, Salesforce comes out with three different releases during the spring, summer, and winter. Their releases typically address customer issues, how to create more momentum for the platform, and any bugs from previous versions.

The Winter ’18 release is focused on three main categories: AI (Artificial Intelligence), decreasing click rates, and improvements to the Lightning interface. You can check out all the details of these improvements in the Salesforce Winter ’18 release notes.

If you don’t want to read through all the release notes, here are the highlights directly from Salesforce:

“Winter ’18 builds artificial intelligence right into the Salesforce platform, so you can build apps that get smarter with every interaction. Salesforce Einstein also powers improved lead scoring, data discovery, duplicate management, and recommendations.

Lightning Partner Central extends Salesforce CRM to your partner network, while Lightning Omni-Channel helps you route customer service cases to the right agent at the right time. You get more tools to help your users adopt Lightning Experience, plus Lightning console split view, which lets you open multiple records and related records on one screen.”

As you can probably tell, the biggest updates to Salesforce in the Winter ’18 release revolve around AI, or what Salesforce is calling Einstein. It’s an exciting new feature, and eventually, it will assist your organization with adaptive learning—something we can’t wait to see.

Click rate minimization is another important development, and Salesforce is doing a great job of minimizing the amount of clicks it takes to complete a task. This saves end users time and streamlines their experience, making Salesforce one of the most efficient CRM products on the market.

The Lightning platform is nothing new, but Salesforce is still not done tweaking the UI. The Winter ‘18 release fixed many bugs with the interface, increases efficiency, and also changes the background to reduce white space.

Our team is excited about the Winter ’18 release, and we’re preparing for the release module to be available on Trailhead. We’ll keep you posted with all the latest Salesforce news—and if you need support with Salesforce updates or any of your technology, contact us today.