On Thursday and Friday, August 4 – 5, the CleanSlate team took advantage of the Lightning Now Tour stop in Indianapolis. This tour has the goals of educating Salesforce admins, users, and developers on the Lightning Experience and walking these Salesforce professionals through the conversion process. Most Salesforce users are familiar with the Classic user interface (UI) that Salesforce has had since its inception. However, this UI has not aged well and does not fit into modern design concepts. The future of Salesforce is the Salesforce1 mobile app, as well as the Lightning Experience.

You might be asking, “What is Lightning UI?” Lightning is an efficiency-driven workspace that uses activity-oriented design concepts to ensure that Salesforce professionals of all experience levels are able to quickly and easily complete their tasks within their Salesforce Orgs. In fact, Salesforce has reported that the Lightning UI provides a 41% more efficient workspace for those Orgs and users that have made the leap.

During the first day of the Lightning Now Tour, the presenters discussed the Lightning-enabled features that are available as of the summer 2017 release, along with the roadmap for features that will be available for future releases. Salesforce has posted a portion of the roadmap (from spring 2017 through winter 2018 and beyond) here.

Throughout the second day of the tour, the participants were shown and practiced the skills necessary to convert and properly implement Lightning within their own Orgs. The team worked through two Trailheads (To learn more about Trailhead, please see our previous blog post on this fantastic and free tool provided by Salesforce. The progress of steps in these projects gave the participants a better understanding of not only the overall Lightning Experience but also the process for converting Salesforce Orgs from Classic to Lightning.

The CleanSlate team concluded that the migration from Classic to Lightning is possible for all Salesforce Orgs excepting only those with a considerable amount of custom Apex development. To see how the CleanSlate team can help you make the most out of your Salesforce Org, drop us a message!