An internship is a great opportunity to get real-world job experience that you can’t get in a classroom. At CleanSlate, our software engineer internships allow you to work alongside experienced IT professionals who will show you what it takes to work at a fast-moving technology company.

As an intern at CleanSlate, you’ll work on individual and team projects that will teach you problem-solving skills and how to adapt to the challenges of an IT job. You’ll have access to help when you need it, but we’ll encourage you to solve difficult tasks on your own. Not only will this help you learn—it will also lead to a more innovative solution.

Before taking a full-time job at CleanSlate, I worked here as an intern. One of my first assignments was fixing several bugs on a website that had just gone through a software upgrade. That one project taught me PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Apache, NGINX, and Linux command line—so you can see just how valuable an internship here can be.

Along with the tech stack, I learned how to host a website and database on Amazon Web Services, and how to use version control while upgrading. In many ways, I learned more at my four-month internship at CleanSlate than I did in my first three years of college.

I continued to work for CleanSlate part-time after my internship, and once I finished school I became a full-time employee. The transition was seamless since the team here was already treating me like I had a full-time job, and the types of projects I worked on were very similar, too.

CleanSlate is a partner with the Xtern Program, which pairs college students with paid internships at Indy’s top tech companies. Xtern is a great resource for helping with housing and connecting you with exciting events and opportunities all over the city. It’s also a great resource for learning more about all the companies in Indy’s fast-growing tech sector.

If you’re in school to be a software engineer and you’re looking for an opportunity to work with lots of different technologies, you can’t beat an internship at CleanSlate. We work in a fun, laid-back environment full of people who truly enjoy their work, and who are more than happy to help you become the best software engineer you can be.

If you’re interested in becoming a CleanSlate intern, email Chris Konow. And if you have any questions about our internship program, be sure to contact us.