IBM InterConnect is one of the industry’s premier Cloud conferences, and several of us from CleanSlate had the chance to attend this year’s event in Las Vegas. We had a great time—but more important, we learned a lot about new solutions and innovations that will help us be an even smarter, more versatile company.

With hundreds of different presentations and open labs for hands-on experience, InterConnect can be a little intimidating without a focus. Our team spent most of our time learning about security and asset management, which meant attending lots of discussions and labs about IBM’s BigFix platform. We went to sessions covering topics like QRadar, Detect, and Resilient that were full of information about useful ways these applications can work together for a seamless BigFix experience.

Since there’s so much going on at InterConnect, it’s impossible to see everything. But a great thing about the conference is that IBM makes the majority of the lectures and materials available for attendees right on their website, so you’ll never miss a second of content. For many people, access to this huge library of knowledge is worth the price of admission alone.

One of the best things for us about the InterConnect conference is the networking opportunities. We got to meet all kinds of people this year, many who could closely relate to our business and the challenges we face. We were also fortunate to meet with IBM product development team members and senior management members—a great benefit CleanSlate enjoys as an IBM Platinum Partner. These connections are incredibly valuable to our business, and leveraging them effectively is a big reason we have so much insight into what’s going on in our industry.

The chance to speak with product developers in particular is important to us because it’s a rare opportunity to talk directly with the people responsible for creating the applications we use every day. We love that they listen to feedback from us and our peers, because they integrate it into future product development—and that can make our lives a lot easier.

While we went to lots of panel discussions, we also helped host one: Our own Chris Konow spoke about how BigFix can help with software audits and contract negotiations. It was a well-attended talk, and we’re happy we could contribute some of our own knowledge to help businesses protect themselves against costly audits and unnecessary software purchases.

If you work in IT and want to learn all the latest and greatest information about Cloud technology, you can’t afford to miss the InterConnect conference. The endless networking opportunities and wealth of information are useful for anyone in this business—and the potential to help influence future IBM product development is a bonus that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re interested in finding out more about all the useful stuff we learned at InterConnect 2017, be sure to contact us. We’d love to share our knowledge with you!