Over the years, we’ve found that many IBM Business Partners don’t have the required certifications to provide their clients with the software licensing support they need. That’s why we created the CleanSlate Channel Partner Program: a cooperative arrangement where CleanSlate works with other IBM Business Partners to give them access to just about any IBM certification or license they might need.

When you become a CleanSlate Channel Partner, you get lots of perks:

More service opportunities through cross-selling. Having access to more certifications and licenses means more opportunities to sell your clients the latest and greatest options from IBM. We can help with cross-selling and bundling so that both you and your clients get the best deals possible.

Pre- and post-sale marketing support. Ongoing support is critical for making sure software is up-to-date and functioning properly. We’ll work with you throughout the process—from the initial sale and deployment through software retirement—to get you and your clients all the support you need to keep everything is running smoothly.

Access to system integrators, ISV, and consultants. We work with some of the top system integrators, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and consultants in the world. When you’re a CleanSlate Channel Partner, you can count on us to give you immediate access to the people and resources you need.

Help with leveraging IBM Passport Advantage. Passport Advantage is IBM’s platform that enables you to buy and manage your software licenses. We’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of it, and leveraging it to the advantage of your business.

Expedited sales cycle. We live in a need-it-right-now world. Becoming a CleanSlate Channel Partner gives you top priority whenever you need support. We’ll assist you to ensure that your sales cycles are quick and easy.

Access to a wide range of IBM certifications and licenses. We have more than 125 IBM technical and sales certifications covering a huge range of product groups. For a list of these groups, check out our Channel Partners page.

Interested in becoming a CleanSlate Channel Partner? Contact us today to learn more about the benefits—and how to get started.