Through conversations with many of our Salesforce clients, it has become clear that many people don’t know about the availability of free Salesforce training. Let’s reiterate that: FREE. SALESFORCE. TRAINING.

The free training is available to any Salesforce user, and can be as immersive as you want it to be; whether that’s a shallow dive into basic Sales Cloud functionality or deep dive into Heroku development.


Salesforce offers this training via a site called Trailhead. Trailhead structures their training in a variety of different ways: Trails (Admin, User, Developer, etc.), Modules (specific topic areas), Projects (used to reinforce the training), and Superbadges (allows the application of training). A “badge” is provided after the completion of each Trail, Module, Project, or Superbadge. These provide proof of your experience and knowledge of each subject area in the Salesforce ecosphere. In addition to the badges, you accumulate points, which provides a gamification aspect to make it more fun (we compare point totals internally).

The Trailhead courses are often coupled with a development Salesforce org which is a limited-use but full-featured version of Salesforce that you can use as a sandbox to build whatever you want in Salesforce. These, too, are free to obtain and use. And when used in conjunction with Trailhead courses, users are given hands-on experience with Salesforce.

If you’re looking for Salesforce training, look no further than Trailhead. It’s the best resource you’ll find—and it won’t cost you a nickel.